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Beginning his journey into the world of movement in 2004, dance is the expressive craft that has not only transformed him as an artist, but provided growth in many areas from his overall lifestyle to how he approaches his mindset and other creative mediums. Starting in the bboy community (breakdancing), the vibrant hip-hop culture of Chicago took Brandon under its' wing to birth his "movement". While his roots grew from the breakin' community, it was the house music and club culture of the city that transcended his movement beyond a specific style, finding inspiration and love in the elder generations and the music that Chicago birthed. Whether it is traveling to places like Amsterdam and Toronto competing in dance battles, developing and curating performances for several Chicago Public Schools and other organizations, working with artists like TheWhoevers or other natives on music videos, or flying to Germany and England to teach future generations the love of our beloved dance community, the importance of genuine and honest movement remained the main message he chose to share with the world.


Nowadays Brandon choses to keep his relationship to dance more personal, focusing on finding love through going out and getting down by a speaker until four in the morning or putting a pair of headphones on and vibing for hours and hours, as it continues to keep the love for this beautiful craft. Though, if you want to atch him in action, he occasionly can be seen dancing on stages with some of the most world-renowned DJ's, if you're lucky.


Brandon Dorsey
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